Do NOT touch the piercing or rotate jewelry during the day.

Wash your hands prior to cleaning.

Apply H2Ocean on a Qtip, or spray directly on the piercing, and clean entry and exit points.

Clean your Jewelry—build-up from body fluids can harbour bacteria and act as food, thereby encouraging infection growth.

Do NOT take it out. Body piercings make take up to 6 months to completely heal.

Changing or removing jewelry should be avoided during this time.

Do NOT let the body piercing come in contact with another person’s bodily fluids.

Never use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or hand soap as they will damage healing cells and cause scar tissue.

Products that contain petroleum are not recommended as it may collect and promote the growth of bacteria.

Avoid hot tubs and public pools until the piercing is completely healed.

Reduce the intake of alcohol, caffeine and aspirin during the healing period.

Avoid alcohol, smoking, chewing tobacco and spicy foods with a new oral piercing.

Avoid direct sunlight, tanning beds, oils and lotions.

Tight fitting clothing may irritate a new piercing.

Practicing good hygiene helps during the healing period.