Dreamworx Ink offers an extensive and diverse range of body piercings from traditional lobes to surface piercings. Our piercer underwent an extensive apprenticeship through a medical doctor, as well as through our company to ensure consistent and thorough sanitation, as well as the highest level of skill in the piercing practice. Dreamworx Ink offers a large selection of jewelry provided by Crystal O Corp to suit individual tastes and needs. We carry only the highest-grade LVN surgical steel and bioplast jewelry. Crystal O Corp is a Canadian based wholesale company offering one of the largest and most detailed selections of wholesale body jewelry and accessories. One thing we firmly stand by is maintaining the highest level of quality in the jewelry we carry.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for at the studio, Dreamworx Ink will custom order pieces from around the world to satisfy the most eclectic styles in body modifications.

Piercing pricing (all prices include jewelry)


Eyebrow: $60
Nose: $50
Septum: $80


Labret: $60
Monroe: $60
Tongue: $80
Webbing: $90


Lobe: $40
Rook: $90
Tragus: $70
Industrial: $90
Daith: $90
Cartilage: $70


Navel: $60
Nipple: $90
Hood: $150