Ivana M, Piercer

Ivana has been interested in the tattoo environment since she was a child growing up in Woodbridge. She enjoys working in an environment surrounded by art, where every day is different. She loves piercing and enjoys the challenge of new and interesting body modifications. Ivana graduated with honours from The School of European Body Piercings and is currently a student at York University. The best advice Ivana would give a first time piercing client is to eat before you come in. Stay calm and try to relax so you don’t overwhelm yourself. The calmer you stay, the easier the entire experience will be. Do your homework and research the piercing, not only the process but also healing time and aftercare practices. During your healing time, should there be a concern, do not self-diagnose via Google or any other unprofessional outlet. We are the professionals. Come in and see your piercer. The relationship with your piercer should be ongoing and accessible.