Dreamworx Ink selectively carries only the highest quality jewelry. All jewelry used at time of piercing is 316L Surgical Steel. Surgical steel is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and one of the best materials to use to ensure optimal healing. It is extremely rare to be allergic to surgical steel, in which case we can use Titanium. All of our jewelry—even down to our earring studs—are made with a nickel-free alloy. We take what we put in your body very seriously.

We also carry a varying degree of piercing jewelry—some of which can be used as an upgrade at the time of piercing.

The following is a brief list of jewelry prices:


Epoxy Coated Crystalline barbells (“shamballa”): $40

Dangles: $30-$40

Double Jewelled Regular barbells: $20-$25

UV (candy coloured) navel barbells: $20-25


Pronged Stud pair: $30

Ball Closure Rings: $20

Jewelled Ball Closure Rings: $25-30


Regular curve jewelled nose screws: $20-25

90 Degree Bend (“L-bone”) jewelled nose screws: $20-25

Nose bones (“straight bones”) prong-set crystal: $30

Nose Bones jewelled: $20-25

Continuous rings: $20-40

Assorted Jewellery:

Labret Studs: $20-30

Black Labret Studs: $30

Gold continuous Rings: $35

Black hoops: $25-$30

Double Jewelled, prong-set Micro banana barbells (rook & eyebrow): $30

Jewelled, prong-set micro banana barbells: $25

Black micro banana barbells: $25