Having been with the shop for several years as a professional piercer, Ivana has recently re-awakened a love for drawing that has remained dormant for the last ten years. Growing up in a strict household, Ivana spent her entire childhood drawing, and experimenting with oil pastels and oil paints. She spent her summers drawing what she saw around her, inadvertently deeply studying the minute details of what makes up everything that she saw around her, and using a reductionistic approach in execution.

     Taking up an undergraduate degree in Psychology at York University, her intrigue into the mechanisms that create functioning promoted a more unhinged perspective into the analysis of people, emotions, perceptions, and ultimately an unencumbered contemplation of things as they truly are. This perspective translates into Ivana‚Äôs art as she cannot help but critically analyze every detail and component of what she is working on. She delves into an unlocked world residing within the dark side of the psyche; exposing the raw and uncomfortable, as well as the interaction of contending extremes. 

     Ivana prefers working on greyscale realism, and intends to hone her uncanny eye for detail to master hyper-detailed realism, and dark surrealism. She also enjoys combining realism with geometric, fine-line components.

Her work can be viewed below.