Luisa Pariselli has been in love with different art mediums her entire life. She has completed two B.A. degrees; one at York University in German History and another B.A at The Ontario College of Art & Design in painting and drawing. After university Luisa took on a successful stint on the radio station The Edge 102.1 FM with close connections to the gay and lesbian community. Lu transitioned her love of art by plugging it into her passion for tattooing.

Lu is also an accomplished painter which Dreamworx Ink proudly displays her artwork throughout the studio. Her tattoo style is extremely new age as she enjoys creating pieces based on her first passion, painting. She strives for clean, minimal designs that express themselves through colour and movement. She is currently focussing on large scale trash polka, high contrast black and grey and avant garde pieces. 

Lu’s advice to a first time tattoo clients is this: “Be creative, innovative and original. There are pieces that translate and flow better through new, innovative styles and when you are open and trust your artist, beautiful art can be created.” Her artwork can be viewed here.